Greetings from Chief Director

The 21st century is a time when we need talented people with an international mindset. Studying abroad in Japan will not only open up the future of everyone, but I think that as well as making important memories in Japan, it will be a source of unwavering confidence in the future. Founded in 2016, AKK Cultural Academy of College of Culture offers a variety of support and thorough guidance on entering the university in a warm and homely atmosphere with fulfilling classes of veteran lecturers. We will graduate many graduates to one of the most prestigious universities in Japan, and we will support you so that you can actively and happily send international student life.

We aim to improve your Japanese proficiency and advance to your school, to succeed in society, to finding employment in Japan, and to develop human resources with an international sense. In addition, our school is located in the city center of Osaka, Namba, close to the student stadium and is blessed with an optimum educational environment. At this AKK Culture Academy that combines superior teachers and advanced facilities, be sure to take the first steps to realize your dreams.

Chief Director Yoshihiro Ishibashi