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日本語版  中文  Tiếng Việt

Application form

日本語版  English  中文


Application form and Resume(Sample) PDFリンク
Reason fr study Japanese PDFリンク
Proof of Japanese learning level  
Job certificate  
Academic Degree Certification  
Final certificate of achievement  
Education certification Degree(original)  
Japanese proficiency certification(copy)  
residence booklet , A certificate of affinity for the payer(origional)  
Passport copy  
Photo 8 (4cm x 3cm, with in 3 months, white background, )  
Pledge card

Payer’s information

Payment statement PDFリンク
Job certificate  
Annual income certificate  
Deposit certificate(Over 180 thousand yuan)  
Bank's current account copy  


  1. All certificates and documents shall be valid for three months.
  2. The material proposed shall not returned in principle, and the reissued material can be returned.
  3. language certification , instruction book shall be accompanied by a Japanese translation.